Case Study

Pathé Connect

“Pathé Connect is a native application that gives (future) users a personalized, fast and simple positive brand experience.”


Pathé Connect is an interactive application that builds a bridge between Pathé Cinema, Pathé Thuis & Pathé Facebook. With its key features “Pathé People” & “Pathé Bump” the application introduces a simple and intuitive way of finding the right movie wether you watch alone or with your friends.

Pathe Bump

You want to watch a movie together with a friend but after scrolling IMDB for an hour you still don’t know which movie to watch, recognizable? Well with Pathé Bump this is a problem of the past. Just by bumping your phones into each other Pathé Bump will give you a recommendation based on your watch history, reviews, ratings, and social media preferences. Those results get mixed with your friend’s results and together they will give the best suiting movie to watch.


Wireframes & flowcharts

After discussing en figuring out the concept, the use cases, personas, and scenarios. The wireframes were created based on the flowcharts (see below). The main goal here was to work within the existing style of Pathé but at the same time give a intuitive and clutter-free experience.


Visual Design

The style, look and feel of the app is according to the colours, look and feel of Pathé. This conscious choice was based on the user base being familiar with the current app. The Bump function works via technicalities and motion control and near field communication.