Case Study

Responsive Summum


“The website & webshop of fashion label Summum Woman got a responsive redesign”


Summum Woman’s website was due a redesign. Since the website was running on Magento there was hardly any ownership or control over the website non shop related pages. One of the first requirements I made as a UX Designer, was that all the CMS pages would be on a WordPress platform, while the shop would be on Magento. This way the marketing department will have a smooth working shop and full ownership over the CMS pages.

Next to that the website and shop had to become fully responsive. Since the project included a complete overhaul I made the design based on mobile first. From there on I translated the components and features to a bigger screen. Take a look at for the end result.

Mobile first, desktop later…
Analytics show that more than 75% of Summum Woman’s customer base visit the website on a mobile device. This was the main reason for a re-design, because the old website was not mobile friendly. While making the designs I questioned myself continuously what functionalities, options and content should be in the viewport. After making a User Requirement list, I had to filter and prioritise them by must have till nice to have. My next step was to draw out the customer journeys and create the IA for what content should be loaded from what platform.

Grid / Shop Design

Below is a part of the design process of how the grid should respond to variable resolutions. Depending on the resolution or device the grid will resize. On the previous iteration of the website this was not possible, resulting in a bad user experience on mobile devices.

Responsive design & menu

Shop The Look

The website has some special custom made functionalities. One of them is the Shop The Look page. Here based on a certain look from a magazine or other promotional content, the marketing team can connect Magento items to a look. This way we made promotional pictures shop-able.

Product detail pages