Case Study



“During the rebranding of Tele2 in 2013, I was  partly responsible for UX and visual design for the website and corporate ID”

Web and Development

In the Web and Development team of Tele2 were 3 interaction designers, 4 developers and a tester. Next to that there was a team manager, scrum master and story organiser. During the rebrand the project involved creating content for the website within the new brand guide. Creating smooth user flows based on user journeys. Testing the website’s functionalities with users. All design and development is done through scrum / agile method. All design is responsive and according to mobile first. The corporate ID is a style guide that had to be followed through the whole website. The website was running on WordPress with a lot of special custom plug-ins. Remember this is a time were there was no visual composer. The webshop and check out flows are running through Magento. As said previously Tele2 Netherlands was running a pilot with the new Corporate ID. The rest of the Tele2 group involving 10 countries would follow after a successful launch.


Before I redesigned the Tele2 Interactive Television platform, I was a designer on the web and development department of Tele2 Netherlands. When I started to work within this team, Tele2 was about to start a total rebranding of Tele2 Netherlands and their website and marketing. This rebrand was a pilot for Tele2 Europe, more countries would follow the brand guide and corporate ID. This is when Tele2 went from a budget telecom company with the famous sheep Frank. To the most hip telecom company due to smart marketing and best provider in the Netherlands due to their own 4G network.

Tele2 Zakelijk

I had a touch on every part of the website, whether it were user flows, simplistic forms or static content. My main focus and responsibility was the business side of Tele2. I created all the pages, forms, user flows and content for


Below is a comparison of the homepage of Tele2 before and after the rebranding. Out with the black and white style and in with a palette of rainbow colours, big fat fonts, sharp and crispy pictures and appealing call to actions buttons.


The webshop is one of the most important pages for Tele2. Here is where the consumer is introduced to a variety of mobile phones. It is also the first step in the most used user journey. Compared to the old website you can see there is a lot more attention for the handsets and the way they are displayed.

Tele2 Zakelijk

Below are two screens of the Tele2 Zakelijk portal. This is where business consumers go for telecom, internet or television services for their company. As seen previously, it is a world of difference compared to the old website. All together the project and zakelijk portal involved over 100 pages, pictures and pieces of content.